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November, 11, 2010

Fender Roger Waters Precision Bass® Guitar


Fender introduces the Roger Waters Precision Bass Guitar, named for the world-famous bassist/singer/songwriter whose elegant grooves and infectious riffs are hallmarks of the legendary Pink Floyd sound and an acclaimed solo career that continues stronger than ever today.

July, 13, 2010

Epiphone has a winner in the Zenith acoustic-electric bass

The Epiphone Zenith is a well-thought-out, finely crafted bass that combines retro looks with modern electronics and a computer-routed chambered body to deliver a wider variety of tones

July, 08, 2010

Fender G-DEC® 3. Create. Connect. Configure.

With the new G-DEC 3 amps in great demand, guitar magazines Guitar Edge and Vintage Guitar are getting in on the action. The August issue of Vintage Guitar and the July/August issue of Guitar Edge both offer reviews of the latest generation of the Fender G-DEC.

February, 27, 2010

What the Custom Shop is...

Custom Shop - это мастерская, занимающаяся изготовление заказных, эксклюзивных инструментов по спецификации покупателя.

February, 27, 2010

Introducing Gibson Dusk Tiger

The Next Generation of Robot Technologies. A killer guitar with a look and construction that has never been seen before. Dusk Tiger represents the state of the art in electric guitars, redefining what the guitar can do with the integration of pioneering technology with the most advanced design in the industry, all in a Limited Edition package with only 1,000 sold worldwide.

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