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Company News for January 2012
January, 30, 2012

Fender introducing FENDER® SELECT SERIES guitar and bass models

Fender is very proud to introduce its new top-of-the-production-line best: the Fender Select series. Designed as “Select instruments for select individuals,” the five guitars and two basses in the series are true players’ instruments that put more than six decades of Fender experience and expertise on outstandingly appointed display and bring a wealth of high-end features and elegant design options to discerning musicians everywhere. With choice tone woods, figured tops, strikingly beautiful finishes, figured and quartersawn maple necks with compound-radius fretboards, specially voiced Fender Select pickups that deliver masterful tone, and other first-rate features, the U.S.-made Select Series presents Fender’s finest selection.

January, 03, 2012

Apogee Duet 2 + кейс в подарок

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