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Company News for 2012
December, 17, 2012

Розыгрыш USB микрофона - Apogee MiC!

October, 15, 2012

Конверторы Apogee Symphony I/O становятся проще и доступнее!

September, 26, 2012

Apogee представила новинку Quartet

September, 17, 2012

Новый микрофон от Apogee MIC уже в МузТорге

May, 03, 2012

Fender Pawn Shop – New 2012 Lineup!

Pawn Shop Series guitars are inspired by the more eccentric Fender creations of the mid-’60s to mid-’70s, which sometimes found their way to the outside world and into the more esoteric pages of Fender history. Crafted for thoroughly modern sound and quality, they present a creative alchemy of diverse Fender elements. New for 2012, the Pawn Shop Series introduces an unconventional new assortment of “guitars that never were but should have been.”

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