The A&T Trade, Inc. traces its history back to 1990 when three famous rock and jazz musicians, including Sasha Sit, who is now the executive vice president, founded the company in Beverly Hills, Calif., USA.

In the beginning of 90’s foreign companies didn’t prospect for development of business on the post-Soviet territories. Entered into the contract with Fender, world’s foremost manufacturer of guitars, and received goods on $70 thousands with postponement of payment A&T Trade was the first distributor of musical equipment in ex-USSR territories.

Since its inception, the company has grown into the largest distributor and retailer of music instruments, pro audio, sound and lighting in the CIS and Baltic States territory. A&T Trade's offices are located in Kiev (Ukraine), Moscow (Russia), Riga (Latvia) covering also Estonia and Lithuania, Minsk (Belarus) and Tbilisi (Georgia) covering the Caucasus region. With the total market presence approach, A&T Trade is building and operating its wide dealer’s and retail’s network throughout its market territories.

A&T Trade is committed to bringing to our market territory the best products, equipment and service that the world has to offer. Key points for achieving its ambitious goals include:

  • Coverage of all market segments
  • Partnership with the manufacturers of the world leading brands
  • Total presence on the territory
  • Setting high-level innovative standards for marketing and tech support

The company’s distribution portfolio features more than 100 brands, including such world renowned brands as Fender, Ibanez, Korg, Vox, Mackie, Alesis, Tama, Zildjian, Digidesign, Martin Audio, Martin Professional, Genelec, and many more.

In 2005 A&T Trade concluded the strategic alliance with Petroshop, one of the main Russian distributor of musical equipment, and started to operate with such legend brands as Gibson, Epiphone, Marshall, Peavey and others.

A&T Trade is committed to providing the best and the latest in technology and is making significant investments into the education and training of its staff, its key partners and customers. On an annual basis, an increasing number of training seminars, clinics and creative educational programs are continuously being arranged to maintain the high quality expert service, which has come to be expected from A&T Trade.

We believe in the talent of our national and local performing artists, musicians, producers, sound engineers and creative professionals of all kinds. Our goal is to supply them with the best means for self-expression, to bring the show business technically on par with the highest world standards.

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