Production profile: Studio and multimedia monitors, headphones.

Company brief description:
KRK Systems is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of pro Studio Monitors, Headphones, Subwoofers & Room Correction for engineers&artists.
KRK Systems was founded in 1986, by Keith Klawitter. He had been an engineer for years working on such films as "Brainstorm" and "The Doors". Frustrated by the fact he couldn't find a monitor that gave him clarity and accuracy, he began building his own monitors. Other engineers and producers began to take notice of Keith's high-end studio monitors, a groundswell began and a company was born. This remarkable beginning is attributed to Keith's affinity for electronics, his passion for music, and his originality and insight.
Now, when the studio monitor is designed everything starts with the question "what does the customer really want from their monitor?" The usual terms get thrown around like accuracy, reliability, precision, and many more marketing buzzwords. Important words about what the product should be... but not necessarily speaking to what users really need. A product they can trust! Ones that deliver a true acoustic interpretation of the mix. Sounds Simple... but it isn't so simple when it comes to these complex designs.
KRK take design and performance very seriously. IF it's not won't go to market...period! This "design first" mentality is what the company was founded on and has helped KRK become an industry leader in this highly specialized market.

Country of origin: USA

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